Saturday, January 11, 2020

Thought Radio™ Playlist #525 for January 11, 2020.

Thought Radio™, hosted by Bill Fox, is the Saturday edition of The AM/FM
Show.  You can expect to hear electronic, ambient, spacemusic,
Progressive Rock, and an eclectic mix of other genres.  The show airs
from 6:00 am to 8:00 am EST/GMT-5 on WMUH Allentown, 91.7 FM and
streaming on the internet.

                Show #525                January 11, 2020.

This program is dedicated to the memories of Michael Allison (Darshan
Ambient), Neil Peart (Rush), and Joël Vandroogenbroeck (Brainticket).

In Phase 1, you heard new music by Danger in Dream on Virtual Music,
Darshan Ambient on Spotted Peccary Music, by Kevin Braheny Fortune, and by
Claudio Casanueva. In Phase 3, you heard new music by Udo Pannekeet on In
and Out of Focus Records.

Phase I/Space:

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== ===============================
Danger in Dream      Electric Fields       Iconic (Virtual Music)
Darshan Ambient      City of the Seven     A Day like Any Other (Spotted
                       Hymns                 Peccary)
Darshan Ambient      Ah! Sunflower         A Day like Any Other (Spotted
Kevin Braheny        Threshold             Liminal Space (none)
Claudio Casanueva    Crystal Tears         My Favorite Songs Part 1 (none)

Phase II/Eclectic:

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== ===============================
Byron Metcalf and    Returning to Her      Sacrament (Dr. Bam's Music)
  Jennifer Grais
Scott Cossu          Wedding Lanterns      Memories of Water and Light
                                             (Heart Dance)
Louis Colaiannia     Gentle Rain           Contemplation (none)
Lisa Hilton          Chalkboard Destiny    Chalkboard Destiny (none)

Phase III/Progressive Rock:

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== ===============================
Rush                 La Villa Strangiato   Hemispheres (Anthem Records)
Rush                 The Spirit of Radio   Permanent Waves (Anthem
Udo Pannekeet        Cocon Cocon           Electric Dreams (In and Out of
Brainticket          The Space Between     Celestial Ocean (RCA Victor)
Brainticket          Cosmic Winds          Celestial Ocean (RCA Victor)
Brainticket          Visions *             Celestial Ocean (RCA Victor)
Alan Morse           Cold Fusion *         Four O'clock and Hysteria

 * = excerpt
++ = Advanced CDR from artist
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
 x = Aborted by CD player

Bill Fox
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other Saturday at 6:00 am.
Phase 1: Electronic, ambient, and space music.
Phase 2: Mixed bag of acoustic, electric, pop, or New Age.
Phase 3: Progressive rock from past masters to contemporary releases.
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