Sunday, February 25, 2018

Thought Radio Playlist #443 for February 24, 2018.

Thought Radio, hosted by Bill Fox, is the Saturday edition of The AM/FM
Show.  You can expect to hear electronic, ambient, spacemusic,
Progressive Rock, and an eclectic mix of other genres.  The show airs
from 6:00 am to 8:00 am EST/GMT-5 on WMUH Allentown, 91.7 FM and
streaming on the internet.

                Show #443                February 24, 2018.

In Phase 1, you heard new music from seetyca. In Phase 3, you heard new
music by Dusan Jevtovic plus music by Echotest who will be playing at New
Jersey Proghouse tonight.

Phase I/Space:

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== ===============================
Eyes Cast Down       Mystic Memory         The White Island (Kalindi)
Frore and            Feather and Claw      Eclipse (Spotted Peccary)
  Shane Morris
seetyca              Winter Licht          Winter Licht (Winter-Light)
Jeff Pearce          A Long Winter's       From the Darker Seasons (JPM)
                       Sleep *

Phase II/Eclectic:

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== ===============================
Byron Metcalf and    Song for Solo         They Were Here (Dr. Bam's
  Jennifer Grais                             Music)
Michael Whalen       Kiss the Quiet        Kiss the Quiet (The Orchard)
Helen Jane Long      Outside               Perspective (none)
James Asher and      Circadian Spirals     Drum Distillery (none)
  Arthur Hull

Phase III/Progressive Rock:

ARTIST               TRACK                 ALBUM (label)
==================== ===================== ===============================
Echotest             The Plight            From Two Balconies (none)
Corciolli            The Misery of Fear    Ilusia (Azul Music)
                       and the Battle
                       Against the Immortal
Dusan Jevtovic       No Answer             Live at Home (Moonjune)
Cairo                Dancing the Gossamer  S@y (Heavy Right Foot)
Exovex               The Last Orbit        Radio Silence (none)
Alan Morse           Cold Fusion *         Four O'clock and Hysteria

 * = excerpt
++ = Advanced CDR from artist
VA = Various Artists (compilation)
 x = Aborted by CD player

Bill Fox
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other Saturday at 6:00 am.
Phase 1: Electronic, ambient, and space music.
Phase 2: Mixed bag of acoustic, electric, pop, or New Age.
Phase 3: Progressive rock from past masters to contemporary releases.
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