Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Preserve Federal Funding for Public Broadcasting

Do you listen to non-commercial radio? Chances are that it is funded, in part, by the Federal Government. In the next few days, the House of Representatives will take action on a bill that provides continued funding for government operations. Under this measure, large funding cuts have been proposed, including the likely elimination of federal funding for public broadcasting.

Call your Representative NOW and say that funding for public broadcasting is too important to eliminate.

• Federal funding is critical for public broadcasting. Without this investment, many public broadcasting stations across the country including WDIY, may be forced to turn off their transmitters and go dark.

• Public broadcasters match every federal dollar with six dollars raised from other sources. This robust, effective and efficient public-private partnership brings arts, entertainment, news, information and educational programming to Americans of all ages.

• The CPB’s federal appropriation this fiscal year is equivalent to about $1.39 per American.

• For seven straight years, the Roper Poll has found that Public Broadcasting is Americans’ most-trusted source of information and is considered the best use of federal funding after national defense. This attempt by Congress to eliminate funding for this vital public service is misguided and overreaching.

Please contact your Representative Dent NOW and ask him/her to oppose cuts to public broadcasting funding. Urge your friends and family to contact their Representatives as well.

In my area, the Congressman is Representative Charlie Dent. I called him today at 202-225-6411.

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