Thursday, May 27, 2010

Afterglow Playlist for May 27, 2010.

Afterglow is where I present an eclectic mix of genres with an emphasis
on Progressive Rock.

If you or your band have a version of the Genesis song, Afterglow, send
it to me and I will consider using it to start the program. If I use
it, the band gets a link on the Afterglow web site!

I also host Thought Radio every other Saturday morning and will be there
on Saturday, May 29.

Listen to WMUH on-line now.

Show #375 May 27, 2010.

Today, Afterglow was extended with an extra dose from 10 to noon.

8:00 am (Phase I: Eclectic Mix)

==================== ===================== =============================
ShadowPlay 1994 Afterglow none (none)
Terry Oldfield Voices in the Wind Spirit of India (New Earth)
Bobby McFerrin Say Ladeo VOCAbuLarieS (Emarcy)

8:30 am (Phase II: Progressive Rock)

==================== ===================== =============================
VA [Fauno Di Marmo] Gloria Deo Tuonen Tytar II (Musea)
VA [Ozone Player] Kunnes Tuonen Tytar II (Musea)
VA [Yesterdays] Lost Without a Trace Tuonen Tytar II (Musea)
Trey Gunn Scatter Modulator (7d Media)
Trey Gunn Up Spin Modulator (7d Media)
Trey Gunn Down Spin Modulator (7d Media)
Trey Gunn Spectra Modulator (7d Media)
Trey Gunn Superstish-a-tron Modulator (7d Media)

9:00 am (More Phase II: Progressive Rock)

==================== ===================== =============================
Singularity Kaleidoscope Of All the Mysteries (none)
Singularity Islands Of All the Mysteries (none)
3rdegree The Proverbial Narrow-Caster (none)
Banana Peel

9:30 am


10:00 am

==================== ===================== =============================
Phil Collins In the Air Tonight Face Value (Atlantic)
Pictorial Wand The Wasteland Face of Our Fathers (Unicorn)
The Vinyl Kings Bang Bang A Little Trip (Vinyl Kings)
The Vinyl Kings Chocolate Cake A Little Trip (Vinyl Kings)
The Vinyl Kings I'm Losing My Mind A Little Trip (Vinyl Kings)

10:30 am

==================== ===================== =============================
Phil Collins Tomorrow Never Knows Face Value (Atlantic)
The Beatles Within You Without Love (Apple)
You/Tomorrow Never Knows
Ozric Tentacles Saucers Strangeitude (Dovetail)
Ozric Tentacles Fen Shui Jurassic Shift (Dovetail)
The Alan Parsons May Be a Price To The Turn of a Friendly Card
Project Pay (Arista)

11:00 am

==================== ===================== =============================
Kevin Gilbert Joytown Thud (PRA)
Toy Matinee Queen of Misery Toy Matinee (Reprise)
Genesis Los Endos A Trick of the Tail (Atco)
Rembrandts Sweet Virginia Untitled (Atco)
Klaatu Around the Universe Hope (Capitol)
In Eighty Days

11:30 am

==================== ===================== =============================
Pink Floyd Speak To Me/Breathe Dark Side of the Moon
In the Air (Capitol)
Pink Floyd On the Run DSOTM (Capitol)
Pink Floyd Time DSOTM (Capitol)
Pink Floyd The Great Gig In Dark Side of the Moon
the Sky (Capitol)
Yes Heart of the Sunrise Fragile (Atlantic)


+ = By Request
* = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

Bill Fox
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