Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Bill Fox Summer Tour 2008

Greg Jones has a great sense of humor. He jokingly called my musical schedule "The Summer Tour." We've been calling it that ever since. Just yesterday he said that I should blog it! What a great idea. Too bad I didn't keep track of the tiny details that would make this good reading. Oh well. Perhaps next time...

Meanwhile, I have a moment to blog and thought I'd start with the schedule itself. It all started in August.

The 12th was a busy day. At 9 am I had a cystoscopy! That was the second one in a row with good results (no pollups found in my bladder) so now I only have to do this every six months! (Ouch!!)

The rest of the day was spent in preparation for my cover band Pulse to play at the Maingate for Bike Night.

On Thursday the 14th I drive to Kingsport, TN. I had already prerecorded Galactic Travels but since the free internet at the hotel was hosed, I couldn't listen to my own show! Besides, I was at electro-music 2008. The next two days were spent there as well. A new place in town called Stir Fry (or something like that) was discovered by Tony Gerber on Thursday; opening night! I went there with Tony the next two nights. Each time our party grew in size. We even had our meal comped on Saturday because of a snafu by the staff that caused an unacceptible wait. I love that place and hope that electro-music 2009 is held in Kingsport again.

On Sunday the 17th, I went to the Blue Ridge Parkway. I went home on the 18th.

On the 29th, Greg Jones and Karl Eisenhart both had to work so we couldn't leave town for ProgDay until:

Saturday the 30th at 3 am!
Sunday the 31st, Pinnacle played at the ProgDay festival. We left for home that night.

On the 1st, my head finally hit the pillow at 5 am on the dot!

Thursday the 11th (9/11) was a very busy day. The alarm went off at 6 am. At 8 am I was at WMUH doing Afterglow, my Prog Rock radio show. From there, I went home to get my gear. When Greg Jones arrived, we car pooled to Karl's for rehearsal. At the end, we tore down all the gear, schlepped it up stairs into the garage and even loaded Greg's and Karl's vehicles. I needed an empty car so that gear wouldn't tempt anyone while I did my evening radio show. Car pooled home and ate a quick dinner. I went to WDIY early to prerecord Galactic Travels for the 18th. After that, I did that night's Galactic Travels. My head hit the pillow at 2 am.

Friday the 12th started on the internet to do WDIY's MySpace page updates and other needed activities to promote NJ Proghouse's show that night. I loaded my bass amp and other goodies into the car and drove to Karl's. There, we loaded the rest of my stuff and hit the road. We arrived in New Brunswick around 11 am. The rest of the day was spent setting up and sound checking Riverside (over here from Poland for the FMPM and Prog Power USA festivals). That night, Pinnacle opened and Riverside was the headliner. A GREAT night for music.

I'll fill in the details as time allows. Meanwhile, mark your calendar for Saturday, Spetember 20th for the last stop in the Bill Fox Summer Tour of 2008. It's the Different Skies concert at Arcosanti. If you can't make it to Arizona, then listen to it live on-line on Stillstream ambient radio at 8 pm PDT and Arizona time, 9 pm MDT, 10 pm CDT, or 11 pm EDT. That's 4 am in the UK and 5 am in western Europe.

I hope I have time in the upcoming week to blog about this event.


greg jones said...

Bill: Aha! It DOES make for a great read! Glad you chose to share it.

But what do you meaan "the last stop" on the summer tour? Aren't you going to Europe to play electronic music soon? The Summer Tour doesn't end just cuz summer is ending. Or did that already happen ? And if so, why isn't it detailed here?

Come to think of it, where's the story of the annual Bob drive? I KNOW that at SOME point in time on that trip, you HAD to have clinked a piece of silverware on your plate in a diner somewhere - thus I hereby declare it a musical performance and demand its inclusion as part of the tour!

Your fans want, nay, NEED to know about ALL your sonorous activities....

Thanks for posting this man - and a heartfelt thanks for allowing me to live my rock star on the road fantasies vicariously thru you.

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends - Ladies and Gentlemen, The Bill Fox SUMMER T O U R ! ! ! ! ! ! !

(wild applause, followed by loud portamento sweep introducing Hoedown)

Greg Jones

Ultra Music Man said...

Hi Greg,

Thanks for reading and commenting. The Bob drive? Oh! You mean my annual Hillbilly vacation when BillyBob and BobbyBill hit the sensuous curves of the Blue Ridge Parkway in WNC (Western North Carolina) and parts nearby. Sorry, but no recordings were made except perhaps a short movie clip from my still camera of a water fall burbling its restorative music into my soul... right before thunderbolts up our asses chased us back to the car. That was in June and I'll happily grandfather that into the tour date calendar.

Well, the summer tour is over because I have nothing left on the schedule in the actual summer. Different Skies, "the last stop" on the Summer Tour was great and there are LOTS of photos at for all to see. There ought to be some audio going up there soon, too. We really rocked out more than ever before. Not too much inaccessible stuff from a purportedly group of experimental electronic musicians.

I hearby declare that the Rocochet Gathering trip to Romania in November to be the dates of the Bill Fox Fall Tour 2008!