Thursday, May 25, 2006

Afterglow Playlist for March 25, 2006

Afterglow is where I present an eclectic mix of genres with an emphasis on
Progressive Rock.

If you or your band have a version of the Genesis song, Afterglow, send it to me
and I will consider using it to start the program. If I use it, the band gets a
link on the Afterglow web site!

I also host The AM/FM Show every other Saturday morning and will be there on
Saturday, May 27.

Listen to WMUH on-line now at rtsp://

Show #190 May 25, 2006

8:00 am (Phase I: An Eclectic Mix of Genres)

======================= ======================== ================================
ShadowPlay 2 Afterglow none (none)
Klaus Schulze Exil Sils Maria Irrlicht (Revisited)
Emerald City Sailor's Hornpipe/Yellow Emerald City (Fox's Den)
Submarine/Whaling Song

8:30 am (Phase II: Progressive Rock)

======================= ======================== ================================
Jim Gilmour Last Portage Great Escape (Progrock)
Akacia Des Cartes This Fading Time (Musea)
Akacia Mary An Other Life (Musea)

9:00 am (More Phase II: Progressive Rock)

======================= ======================== ================================
The Flower Kings Paradox Hotel Paradox Hotel (InsideOut)
The Flower Kings Blue Planet Paradox Hotel (InsideOut)
The Mahavishnu Project Within the Womb of Night Phase 2 (Aggregate)

9:30 pm

* = excerpt
VA = Various Artists (compilation)

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